Review Platforms

There are many software products currently available in Australia and New Zealand. The question is deciding which ones suit you.

Our philosophy is that the costs of technology must be proportionate to the legal costs incurred on a matter. For us, it doesn't make sense to charge thousands of dollars a month for hosting a handful of documents. The cost of hosting should be proportionate to the productivity gained and overall cost savings when compared to traditional discovery practices.

That's why we offer a range of easy to use web based review platforms to give you everything you need to efficiently manage your evidence without the hefty price tag. Our review platforms contain all of the features you would expect to find in a purpose-built litigation support system, including:

  • Rights management
  • Search: metadata and document text
  • Support for both native files and converted images
  • Ability to create subsets (lists and saved searches)
  • Front end import and export
  • Bulk code and update
  • Tag and categorise documents
  • Workflows

We'll help you set the parameters of your discovery by assisting you with identifying, locating and examining your evidence.