Fleet Management Software

If your business is using shared vehicles and you are using spreadsheets or logbooks to track usage, you may not have the degree of insight necessary to maximise your fleet usage. TIMG's Fleet Management Software provides you with visibility, analytics and process control which will allow you to:

  • Correctly assign costs to departments (and recover infringements from employees)
  • Optimise fleet size and identify underutilised assets
  • Mandate the booking system and reserve vehicles for certain departments/employees

Used in conjunction with our Keymaster electronic lock box you will also remove the administration of holding and distributing keys to your employees, as well as recording irrefutable evidence as to who was in possession of the vehicle at any given time.

Solution Benefits

  • Unattended, self-serve check in/out via user-friendly LCD touch screen
  • Employees can only take keys for a valid booking
  • Check-In process optional prompts for Odometer, Damage, Fuel, FBT
  • Records to-the-minute times for accurate charge out
  • Effectively eliminates the need for in-vehicle log books
  • Can be used for all types of keys requiring access control - not just cars