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  • LitSupport

    Litigation Support and eDiscovery Services.
    Helping lawyers see the trees, not the forest.

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  • We've Rebranded!

    Online Security has changed to TIMG.

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  • Destruction Services

    Have you thought about what happens to your
    confidential information once you no longer need it?

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  • Archive Security

    Offering secure and reliable document storage
    for organisations of all sizes.

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  • Imaging & Advanced
    Document Capture

    Providing the most cost effective and efficient
    document conversion outcomes.

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Embrace digital technologies to reinvent your business processes with our range of workflow applications and imaging solutions. Whether it's a digital mailroom or automated accounts payable, we will deliver efficiencies to your business.

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The foundation of information management is secure and reliable archive and back-up of your documents and data. Our solutions will allow you to meet your information governance and compliance requirements.

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Secure destruction of data and documents at the end of the life cycle is a critical component to information management. As well as document destruction, we also securely destroy IT hardware, uniforms and discontinued stock.

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