Why is Archive Security Important for Your Organisation?

Friday 17th June 2016

In this day and age, with the threat of cyber-attacks, identity fraud and other nefarious activity, secure and reliable document storage is of the utmost importance. Many organisations and businesses hold sensitive, confidential and otherwise important data about their clients, operations, finances and employees that should be kept from the wrong eyes at all costs. Let's take a look at exactly why having a safe and secure document management system is important for your organisation.

To Prevent Fraud

Fraud prevention is one of the most important reasons an organisation should keep secure archives. Fraud can be achieved with a combination of access to sensitive information and social engineering. Having a reliable and fault-proof archive system, such as a secure cloud backup system, is one way to prevent the occurrence of fraud. Furthermore, outsourcing your data storage to an independent company is another way to make sure that your documents, and your business, are safe and sound.

While you may think that cyber-fraud is only something that large, multi-national corporations have to deal with, small to medium-sized businesses are actually more prone to this threat. This is because they may not be able to afford the high amount of cyber-protection that their larger counterparts can. This makes it all the more important for small and medium-sized businesses to invest in a safe document management system.

For Confidentiality

Some organisations and businesses deal with highly sensitive information concerning people's finances, health, wellbeing and other personal affairs. One way to ensure that such information is only accessible to those who are on a need-to-know basis is by investing in a secure document management system.

Having restricted archives ensure the confidentiality of both your organisation and your clients or customers.

To Ensure the Safety of Your Data

In the past few decades, we have come to rely so heavily on technology and everything that it allows us to. While this has enabled streamlined business activities, it has also led to many organisations abandoning physical record-keeping altogether. Without this physical backup, it is important to have a separate, secure archive for your documents in the form of a cloud-based server. This ensures another layer of protection for your sensitive information.

Human Error

Let's face it – sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes files are accidentally deleted, or otherwise lost in cyberspace. While accountability is important in these situations, recovering your files is far more crucial. Having a secure, online backup system for your sensitive information is a way to prevent data loss through human error. It also allows you to create an environment of learning rather than punishment within an organisation. To further reduce human error, ensure your team are trained in and have an awareness of your security procedures.